At once 2 fluffies rolled out of the compost box. It’s good that the kittens caught the eye of people

“This is a find!” — thought Ksenia, when she was digging in the beds of her summer house. Well, how else to react when two cute kittens literally rolled out of the compost bin. The girl already knew that cats like to give birth to offspring in privy places.But she didn’t even think that some homeless purr would choose a fertilizer box in the garden as a comfortable place for her children.

Ksyusha immediately noticed that both kittens were very clean and well-groomed. This meant that the mother cat took good care of them, and left them only for a short time to get some food for herself. In appearance, the foundlings were about one and a half months old.

Ksenia’s family immediately caught a red kitten, but the little gray girl had to run around the beds . Finally, the second baby was caught, and soon the happy mother showed up with an important look.

People decided to adopt kittens and the red pet went home first.And immediately after him went to a new house the sister. Now the family is thinking about sterilizing the kittens who gave birth in their summer house and, perhaps, then there will be owners for her.

It’s good that good people found the kittens! And thanks to them for the fact that this story has such a happy ending.

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