Attention! Mimemeter break.Photo session of a newborn rabbit

Photographer Ashraful Arefin decided to capture the short time when one of his pets is very small. He has two rabbits that get along well with each other. After browsing the Internet for photo shoots of newborn babies, Ashraful decided to try the same with a rabbit in the title role. It turned out very comforting.

“Ever since I had two rabbits, I have been shooting them.They are great to photograph. I have seen some amazing photos of newborn babies online and wanted to try something similar. So when my bunny Tuniy had another baby, I thought it would be great to do a newborn photo session and celebrate this new life!” says the photographer.

“Look how she grows day by day, opening her eyes for the first time, wiggling her tiny nose.Everything was so special! It was my attempt to capture cute moments and share my joy with other people through photos. I hope these pictures will please people and make them smile. Especially in this difficult time when we need more joy. And what could be better for this than a fluffy tiny rabbit?

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