August celebrates its twentieth birthday and becomes the world’s oldest dog of its kind

August is probably the most well-known golden retriever on the earth. August lives with its owners.

It was 14 years old when it came to them. Retrievers live a decade on average and are prone to sickness.

As a result, the owners were anxious that the dog would not survive long with them. In any event, August was clearly sound and lively after two or three years. In addition, everyone assumed it was a long-lived doggy.

«Given that it was 14 years old when we adopted it, and we have no idea how it was cared for previously, we believe it simply has to do with outstanding qualities,» says the owner when asked about the key to a dog’s longevity.

August is currently living with a few diseases.
Its condition, however, remains stable and does not deteriorate as a result of timely treatment and anticipation.

According to dog’s owners, August is a little slower but enjoys a variety of activities like bouncing in puddles and relaxing in front of the TV with its loved ones. August may be the world’s nineteenth oldest dog.

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