Baby elephant lost his mother and every day the orphaned baby goes to cuddle with an ostrich

It is sometimes very difficult for people to understand animals. They are good examples of very interesting and unexpected situations. So, today we, as an example, will tell the story of Giotto.

The story of the baby wasn’t easy. While still a toddler, his family migrated in search of food. As a baby, he fell into a well, but he was rescued from there and sent to a shelter for wild animals in Kenya.

After some time, another ostrich named Pea was brought there, who was also an orphan.Apparently, the common difficult fate made the animals become friends and the funny thing is that both just love to hug.

The shelter staff is shocked by such a relationship, but they are sure that this is the most sincere friendship.

The only thing left for the workers to do is leave them until they are old enough to survive in their natural environment. Surely, the inseparable couple will continue to communicate in the wild savannah.

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