Beside the grief the elephant walked 25 kilometers to see his caretaker on his last journey

Elephants are known to be highly intelligent animals and are capable of strong bonding. And the heartbreaking moment when a grieving elephant appears to pay his last respects to the man who has cared for him for decades.

It took almost two hours for the elephant to cover almost 25 kilometers to pay last respects to the memory of his loved one.

Damodaran Nair has cared for helpless elephants for nearly six decades. He loved all these wonderful animals more than anything in the world, but with one of them had a very special friendship. There was a relationship between him and an elephant named Pallata Brahmadatan that resembled that of a father and son.

And recently when the 74-year-old Damodaran passed away, one of his last desires was to see his old friend again. Unfortunately, his wish wasn’t granted but the faithful elephant came to say goodbye to his best friend, who was a man.

In the footage, you can see how the elephant appears at Damodaran’s house for a touching farewell. Seeing this spectacle including the curator Brahmadathan, people couldn’t restrain themselves.

«When Brahmadathan hobbled to the funeral, I couldn’t bear it» the man told a popular publication. “They loved each other for the rest of their lives and you don’t see that every day!”

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