Birth mother rejects its baby – newborn linnaeus’s two-toed sloth receives care from the zoo staff

Brevard Zoo is a family of more than 800 animals from different parts of the world. Appearing in this zoo, will impress you and leave some good memories.

Some of the fine activities here are animal feedings, kayak tours also train rides. This is a recommended place to spend your family weekend!

Lately, the zoo welcomed the birth of a two-toed sloth. The zoo personnel was thrilled about Linnaeus’s baby sloth but not its mom.

Tango – the mom of the newborn refused to stay at its side and didn’t care for it. She demonstrated no affection.

Thankfully, the animal employees of the zoo decided to care about the newborn themselves. They took the sloth and bottle-feed the baby with goat milk every 3 hours. These people even gave the baby stuffed toys to feel comfortable and defended.

The adorable little thing hasn’t got a name yet. The specialists are waiting for the laboratory test that will identify its sex.

Gladly, the baby sloth is doing well now and getting stronger day by day. Visitors can’t get their eyes off the cutest sloth!

In case you don’t know, these creatures are the slowest species in the world of animals. They inhabit Central America.

Sloths spend most of their time hanging down the trees. They sleep from 15-20 hours a day and when they wake up at night, they eat and then sleep again.

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