Boyfriend and girlfriend give up each other as dates to go to prom with special needs students

Sydney and Logan Firkins are now a happy married couple. However, a few years ago, they were just high school students who used to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, as the prom in 2017 approached, they decided to change their plans. They wouldn’t accompany each other at prom.Instead, they asked two students with special needs to be at their prom that night.

Noah Heichelbech, a student with special needs, caught Sidney’s attention from the start with her beautiful personality.Over the years they became best friends.

Due to his sociable nature, Sidney thought he would have a lot of fun at the prom.And also it was a unique opportunity for this student with special needs to attend this event.

So, after a discussion with her boyfriend, they decided to go to prom with two special dates that year. Sydney would go with Noah with and Logan with another student named Harley.

So, two sentences followed.

Sydney took a softball and wrote a message on it. She gave it to Noah and helped him read the message. The ball read: “Can I steal you for prom?”

Noah was so happy when he heard the question. He immediately replied, “Yes, you can!”

But Logan made a more romantic promposal to his friend, Harley.

He brought her favorite pink flowers, and had a sweet message for her: “I’d be blooming happy if you said yes to prom.”

Of course, she agreed, and the four teenagers had a wonderful night together at the prom.

Everything related to this touching story, you can see in the video below.

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