Can you find the missing photographer? Only 5% of people have solved the expert-level visual puzzle.

Can you spot the photographer in the image in less than 10 seconds? Test your visual skills with this challenge. |

The following visual puzzle will test your level of observation and concentration to be able to spot the photographer lost in the image. Remember, you only have ten seconds to do so. For this, we recommend you to set everything aside and carefully examine each detail to solve the problem and be part of the small minority who succeeded in meeting the challenge on the first try.

As advice, we can say that you must observe the entire image, focused and without any distraction. At first, it may seem very simple, but the reality is that very few people in my circle have managed to find it so quickly.

Many people thought it would be simple, but they quickly changed their minds. And to succeed, you must find it within the given time. The only thing we can tell you is to observe and analyze each of the details that make up the illustration.

If you can’t find the photographer, we will give you the solution below.

Complete image of the challenge:
Test your visual skills with this visual puzzle. You only have 10 seconds.

Ready? Here we go!

Did you manage to find the photographer in the image?

Answer to the visual puzzle:
If you failed to find the lost photographer in this visual puzzle, you can keep searching beyond the given time, otherwise we’ll give you the answer below.

Here’s the solution to the puzzle:

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Challenging your brain to exercise every day is one of the best things you can do to preserve your brain’s good health and avoid fatigue.

Keep practicing and let us know how you’re doing by leaving a comment below

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