Can you find what’s wrong with this birthday party? You have 15 seconds.

«There is something wrong with this child’s birthday party. Do you think you can solve this visual puzzle in less than 15 seconds?

Some visual puzzles are not easy to solve, and not everyone can do it. This time, we offer you a puzzle where you will need concentration, speed, and talent.

What do you need to do? You need to quickly discover what’s wrong in the image showing a boy celebrating his birthday.

In the image showing the child’s birthday party surrounded by loved ones, there is a big mistake you need to detect; however, we warn you that only a few people in our circle have managed to solve this puzzle on the first try.

As always, if you can’t find what’s wrong in this scene, in the last part of the article, we’ll give you the answer.

Can you solve this challenge in less than 15 seconds?

Try it and test your skills!

If you haven’t found it yet, look carefully at every detail.

There’s a big mistake…

If you want to know if you got the right answer,

Here’s the solution to the challenge: If you look at the balloons at the birthday party, you can see the number 7, but there are only 6 candles on the cake, so we can conclude that the child is celebrating his sixth birthday, and the numbers on the balloons are incorrect.

So, did you pass this test? How long did it take you to find the answer? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, share the test with your friends and family so they can have some fun too!

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