Can you spot the owner of the boat among the people in the photo in 7 seconds?

Challenge to test your skills: In this puzzle, try to identify who is the owner of the boat among the 3 people. Only people with good observation skills can spot the boat owner in the photo so quickly!

Challenge to assess your skills: There are various types of tests designed to assess your ability to make decisions when faced with problems. This brain teaser is a fun test that will allow you to measure your level of observation.

The most important aspect of these puzzles is to quickly analyze the problem in order to arrive at the answer within the given time frame. Since these tests require creative thinking, it is often necessary to think outside the box to find the solution, as clues are often hidden somewhere in the image.

You must showcase your analytical skills and logical reasoning to solve these puzzles.

That’s why we present you with this interesting challenge in which you must identify the owner of the boat among the three people in the photo.

Challenge to test your skills: Can you spot the owner of the boat among the people in the photo?

In the image above, you must identify who the owner of the boat is.

In the challenge, two boys stand in front of a girl.

You must look at the image very carefully before answering because the solution is quite simple but delicate.

For your information, the answers to this puzzle have been given just below the question, so make sure not to scroll too far and not to cheat!

Did you spot the owner of the boat in 7 seconds?


If you look carefully at the two boys claiming ownership of the boat, you will be able to identify the true owner of the yacht.

The boy in the red shirt on the right side claims to be the owner. However, the boat belongs to the boy on the left side.

Because there is a blue jacket on the boat chair that matches the pants of the man on the left.

So, the answer to this mental puzzle is that the boy in the blue pants on the left side of the image is the owner of the boat.

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