Canadian man saves cats from snowdrift thanks to coffee

Kendall Divish, an oil rig worker, was on duty that day. And the nights in Canada are usually frosty, on the same day it was especially cold and snow began to fall.

It was for this reason that he scrupulously examined the objects so that there were no incidents and made a detour around the neighborhood.

And suddenly, at one object, he heard a squeak, but looking around, the young man did not hear anything. Something told him that someone was asking for help, and so he began to look for where the sound was coming from.

And now, under a snowdrift, he saw three completely frozen and helpless kittens. The paws and tails of the babies were already frozen and they squeaked plaintively, but could not move.

Kendall immediately ran to the car and grabbed a thermos containing coffee. He carefully began to pour hot coffee into a snowdrift in a thin stream so that the ice melted and this gave him the opportunity to take the crumbs.

In the warmth, the kittens were very comfortable, especially since Kendall fed them hearty and they began to play.

The guy shared this story on his page on the social network. The record found a great response from users.So, all the kittens were placed in caring hands.

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