«Can’t be». A girl accidentally meets her dog that was taken away from her 11 years ago.

One day Kate Griffin a college student was walking calmly through town. Suddenly on the other side of the street she saw a dog.

This story would be quite ordinary, because dogs walk the streets every day. However there was one «but».

It wasn’t just an animal, but Kate’s favorite, which her parents, without her consent, gave to another family as much as 11 years ago.The girl couldn’t believe her eyes and hurried to her.

Kate tearfully remembers her childhood with Cami her beloved dog.

She and her sister begged their parents for a long time to get a puppy. After much persuasion they gave up and the four-legged baby Kami appeared in the house.

“He was the best dog in the world. We played together in the snow and in the autumn leaves. She always liked something new. She was devoted to me, waiting home from school and climbing into my arms when I was sad.”

Then Kate’s parents divorced and the dog was given to other people.

The girl decided to go to her Kami who was walking with a stranger. He actually confirmed that she is now 15 years old and he took her a long time ago from the same family.

Amazingly, the dog also recognized his old friend. She ran up to her and jumped into her arms. They stood like that for several minutes, not believing that they saw each other again, after so much time.

Unfortunately, Kate had to part ways with her childhood friend again.

She couldn’t take Kami away because the dog has been living with these people for 10 years.They have become attached to her and love the pet.

They said goodbye again and now, probably, forever …

However the girl’s soul will always be warmed by the thought that everything is in order with her baby and she lives in love and warmth of the heart.

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