Caring cat lady gave away her 1,280 square meter home to more than a thousand cats

These days, women who live with cats are associated with misers or lonely old ladies who have not been able to confirm a personal life.

But we think it’s just silly to think so. And thankfully, amazing people like our heroine are helping to change stereotypes and the way people think about cats and the people who love them.

Linea Lattanzio is proud that someone calls her a cat lady. She has no problem with being considered as such, because caring for felines has always been a significant part of her life and she sees absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Moreover the 68-year-old has always been more than happy to share her home with her cats over the years. Of course, many people have cats at home. But Linea has 1,000 cat companies that take up almost all the available space in her home.

But the most incredible thing is that the woman actually gave her house of 1800 square meters to more than a thousand cats.

She now lives in a trailer on her property allowing the cats to take over her 5-bedroom home.

She is undoubtedly the perfect cat lady and should proudly wear that title.

Do you agree with us?

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