Despite the hunger, the dog having received a sausage as a treat took it to the cat

Not many people are capable of generosity and , animals are much more likely to show such feelings.

The red-haired dog Vaizi spent his whole life on the street. Every day he had to get his own food, only occasionally he was lucky and people treated him to something delicious. On his way, Vaizey rarely met kind passers-by.Much more often he came across those who shouted at him, beat him, threw stones. On several occasions, Wisey was nearly run over by a car.

Although the dog was small, he had a huge heart. One day, Weizey met Christina. The girl helped homeless animals.

Christina loves animals very much and tries to help everyone who needs her care. At one time, the girl saved the cat Ivery, who fell under the car, took care of Stevie, the cat had no eyes. Kristina took care of Mausi, a cat that became a victim of flayers.

Taking out her lunch from her backpack, Christina placed a sausage in front of the animal. He was obviously hungry, but did not eat the treat. Carefully picking up the sausage with his teeth, Weisy ran around the corner of the building. The girl followed the animal.

When the dog stopped, Christina saw the cat, which literally pressed against the wall. The dog went up to the cat and put a sausage in front of her. Kristina noticed that the cat was very hungry, it was also clear that the animal had recently been beaten up badly. The cat began to eat, but every movement was given to her with great difficulty.

Christina couldn’t leave these touching animals to their fate, she took both Vaizey and the cat to the shelter where she worked.

Vaizey and his girlfriend have already settled into the shelter. Here they were examined by veterinarians, they were treated and finally began to eat their fill. Christina argues that Vaizi is the most obedient and sociable dog she has ever met. Fortunately, years of life on the street did not harden him.

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