Dog kindergartens are becoming more and more popular in Korea

In South Korea, pets have always been treated with special tenderness. They come up with interesting entertainment for their pets, and recently special establishments have even opened where they can be left. We can say that these are kindergartens, both for tiny puppies and for large dogs.

And the dog owners are very worried about the state of mind of their pets and do not want to leave them alone for a long time, since in this case the dogs go through the process of socialization more difficult.

It is for this reason that kindergartens can be attended by any dogs that know the basic commands and have vaccinations that are required for their age. In the institution, they learn to communicate with other brothers, and the caregivers take care of them and play.

Such awareness and care for our smaller brothers is beyond praise. If the owner isn’t able to deliver the animal to the kindergarten himself, then the employees of the kindergarten themselves can take it to the house. Such an experience has a very positive effect on the condition of the pets, who become very sociable.

They also started a special diary in which all the information about each individual ward is recorded and the owners can track the dynamics.

Did you like this idea? Would you like to see such establishments practiced in your country as well? Write your opinion in the comments.

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