Dog saved from rattlesnake, but she almost lost her life

The man was very fond of sitting in the courtyard of his house on warm days.However, in hot weather it is quite dangerous since the house is surrounded by grass and forest, as many animals were hiding there.

And this time the man was walking by a table in the garden and that’s where the rattlesnake attacked him. He had a dog, Labrador Marik, who came running to help the owner like a bullet. Marik stood between the snake and his owner and the snake bit twice on the neck and tongue.

The man immediately took the dog to the veterinary clinic to receive first aid. The dog was breathing rapidly and heavily. There was no antidote in the clinic. And he quickly went to another clinic, where they also could not provide him with first aid.

Only the third time Marik received the necessary medical care. Marik lay there for a couple of days. Now the selfless dog is already at home and is gradually coming to feel normal.

This is how a brave and faithful dog saved the life of its owner and did not even think about her own life.

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