Domesticated wild animal saved the life of his master

One family received a very pretty puppy as a gift. Outwardly, he looked like a husky with gray fur and blue eyes.

And one day, the puppy fell ill and was taken to the veterinary clinic. What was the surprise of the owners when they were told that this wasn’t a puppy at all, but a real wolf cub. At first they wanted to take him to the zoo, but then they changed their minds, as they became very attached and fell in love with him.

He was still very small and defenseless. He was given the nickname Sky and he grew up to be a real handsome wolf in appearance, but with dog habits. And somehow Sergey went to the forest together with Sky and didn’t even notice how he reached the swamp.

The swamp was all overgrown with tall grass and the young man didn’t know that if he retreated, he would fall through and so he ended up in a quagmire. Sky saw this and started to help. He grabbed the edge of his jacket and began to pull out of the quagmire.

The faithful wolf pulled his master to dry land with incredible effort. This is how the devoted wolf saved Sergey’s life, for which he is immensely grateful to him and isn’t even going to give it to someone. As you can see, the stories about wolf fidelity aren’t at all an invention from fairy tales, but the very truth.

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