Don’t be afraid, it’s not difficult! Try to pass this IQ TEST in 15 seconds.

In this IQ test, it may seem difficult at first to find the hidden differences in the pictures. You have only 15 seconds to find all the details in which the pictures differ.

In reality, many people fail to pass this IQ test. More precisely, they exceed the time limit specified in the regulations. But there’s no need to worry; it’s not so difficult if you pay attention to the details and concentrate.

So, you have only 15 seconds to find three hidden differences in the picture. Then, if you exceed the specified time limit, you will be considered a loser. Nevertheless, we still advise you to continue searching because it’s interesting to find out the correct answer.

If you find one of the differences, you can immediately mark it with a circle.

In the image, an experienced chef is preparing a dish in Italian style.

The chef happily devotes himself to his favorite job and ensures that the food he cooks is delicious. Apparently, the head chef is cooking in a clean, tidy kitchen.

Answers to the IQ test:

When your time runs out, adjust your answer with the correct answer provided below. Congratulations to those of you who passed this IQ test on time.

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