«Don’t let go of my paw.» The dog was so afraid that he would be abandoned that he doesn’t let go of the hand of the person who took him from the shelter

Some dogs, just like humans, want their own space. They want to lie down and think, eat, savoring alone, relax. But the baby named Stanley is not one of them.

A year and a half ago, a man named Sam took him in from a New Zealand shelter. Since they met, the battered and scared puppy from the shelter has become a real sticky.

At first, he even refused to let go of the owner’s hand and was with him for almost 24 hours. The owner says that from contact with the owner, he calmed down and sometimes begged for affection too persistently, and this couldn’t but cause inconvenience.

Sam said that he remembers meeting his pet for the first time. He volunteered and often helped walk the dogs there. And so he found a dog with two six-month-old puppies and Sam was assigned to look after one of them.

Meeting with the owner was stressful for the puppy. He was only afraid to get out of the car for an hour and looked around fearfully. After some time, he adapted to life in an apartment, learned to eat and drink from his bowl, and became attached to his owner.

He climbed onto his bed and settled next to him in such a way that he was sure to touch him. As soon as Sam changed position, the dog did the same. Even as he got older, he didn’t lose this habit.

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