Due to the unusual muzzle of the cat, no one wants to take it from the shelter

A cat named Kaya is in one of the shelters in Canada. The girl has a muzzle deformity that appeared from birth, it affected the shape and location of her eyes: they are very small and unusually close.

Kaya arrived at the shelter when she was a little less than a month old, in poor condition, suffering from parasites, prolonged dehydration and lack of food. Volunteers were able to find overexposure for their ward, but so far they have not been able to find permanent owners for Kaya.

Thanks to the care and treatment at the overexposure, the cat quickly recovered. The girl turned out to be smart and mobile, she loves to play and communicate with people.

Kaye had an operation to correct her vision and relieve the baby from constant pain. Although it was not possible to completely return the girl’s ability to see, now she can distinguish objects located next to her and move around the house without fear of bumping into any obstacles. Volunteers keep hoping that Kayina will find a home and loving owners, constantly posting stories about her on social networks.

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