Elementary school students draw shelter pets and thus help them find a home

Nora Wymer is a volunteer in South Carolina. The girl tried to come up with a way that would help some rescue dogs find their homes a little faster. She saw an article about a project in which a group of children helped take care of shelter pets and was immediately inspired.

Wimer asked her son’s teacher if the second grader would like to write biographies of some of the rescued dogs to help them find a home. As soon as the children heard about the project, they were so excited that their words and drawings could really help a dog in need.

Each of the children was allowed to choose which dogs they wanted to write about and many of them were interested towards dogs with disabilities because they wanted to show people how wonderful they are despite their special features.

Each biography consisted of a short description and a picture and the kids worked so hard to showcase each dog’s unique personality.

Once the biographies were ready, the teacher sent them to Wimer, who was amazed that her project worked even better than she could have imagined.Some of the bios were cute, some were funny, and they were all unique and really gave some personality to the dogs that were looking forward to being adopted.

When Wimer first pitched the idea, she had no idea how it would turn out. In the end, it brought joy to a whole class of children and helped dogs in need find a home, which can certainly be considered a real success.

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