Elephant comes to her rescuer to thank and show her cub

It has been about twenty years since this elephant was discovered in the African wild. The animal’s name is Ranya. At that time, Ranya was a tiny baby elephant. She lost her mother early and became an orphan. However, Ranie was lucky, she soon received love and care.

Ranya was rescued by wildlife conservationists in Kenya. There she met Oliver, who is the ranger of the reserve. A man replaces a parent with an orphaned animal.

“He is a very kind and caring person. He loves animals with all his heart and gives them warmth and care,” said Rob Brandford, who is the executive director of the reserve.

Under the wing of Oliver Ranya grew up healthy and happy. She adopted more and more real elephant habits.

In 2009, Ranya became quite an adult and independent elephant. She left the territory of the reserve to find out what life is like in the wild.

Nevertheless, Ranya still didn’t forget about the person who raised her in love and care. She decided to get out of the wild and visit Oliver with her baby elephant.

“More than 10 years have passed since Ranya returned to the wild, but she still has not forgotten the people who took care of her,” says the director of the reserve.

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