Every day a hungry seagull steals food from the supermarket

Supermarket staff in Paignton, England, noticed a seagull that periodically steals different products from the shelves. On account of the offender — packs of crackers, cookies, chips, as well as sandwiches and more. The thief even got a nickname Steven.

This theft has been going on for over a year, during which time Steven has become a local celebrity. According to staff estimates, he robbed the supermarket for 300 pounds in a year. Therefore, recently, employees began to drive Stephen away from the shelves.

According to one of the sellers, Stephen is already used to going to the store 1-3 times a day.And the staff even knows what he likes the most corn chips and cheese crackers. But at the same time, the employees understand that this food is harmful to his body, so it would be better to drive him away and treat him with something more useful for the bird.

There are many cases of theft involving seagulls. They can easily steal your food while you are relaxing on the beach, or steal something right from the table in an open area or restaurant terrace.

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