Every night, this coffee shop opens its doors to stray dogs, allowing them to spend the night

Stray animals are often left on the street because people abandon their pets due to financial, housing or simply time problems.

In Greece unfortunately street dogs are a big problem.Over a million pets roam the streets in search of food and a place to sleep.

Luckily, there are places like Hott Spott that help unfortunate animals.

The institution, located on the island of Lesvos, works like a regular cafe during the day where visitors come to eat and drink coffee.But everything changes at night when it becomes a shelter for stray dogs.

“Every night when the bar closes, the dogs come here and go to sleep. We do not consider this a problem, ”said a waiter in a cafe who wished not to disclose his own name.

In Lesvos has not only a problem of homeless animals but also a crisis of refugees who are also welcome here. As an employee of the cafe shares, in our time people are more informed in such matters and more in solidarity in the manifestation of humanism.

And the new generation is more willing to help those who need it and most emotionally perceive such problems, trying to solve them.

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