Faithful dog has been waiting on the track for his owner for more than 12 years

Dog Mishka was barely a teenager when his owner had an accident. It all happened in 2009. Mishka accompanied his master on a fishing trip, but on the way the man was hit by a car, he was gone, and Mishka remained by the road, not understanding what had happened. The dog could not understand that the person he loved and who cared for him was no more. He believed that his best friend, his only close person, would return, so the dog sat by the road and waited.

Mishka was written about a few years later. In the Tobolsk group on social networks, a photo of a dog appeared, which was sitting by the road and was obviously waiting for someone. A passing driver took a photo, thinking the dog was lost. Under the post, local residents shared the story of Mishka and said that he had been waiting for his master for several years at the place where the evil fate separated them. The post caused a stir and several people wanted to shelter the dog, but he refused to leave his place and continued to wait for the deceased owner.

Mishka was taken off the roadside several times, but he always found a way to escape from people and returned back. Good food and warmth at home did not mean as much to Mishka as the memory of the owner. In the eyes of the dog, there was a hope that his owner would soon return, and, despite his gratitude to people for their help, he always left, because he was afraid that the owner would not be able to find him in the new house.


People understood the sadness of the dog about the person he loved, but they also understood that it was simply not safe for the animal to live near the highway.

Local residents brought food to Mishka, at some point he even had his own booth on the side of the road, but the road service did not like it and they removed the booth. However, locals say that Mishka almost never went into the booth, spending his time in a pit by the side of the road.

Mishka still lives near the road today. Volunteers bring him food, ask local residents to feed him, and recently a new booth appeared at the side of the road, in which the dog can hide from rain and wind.

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