Faithful puppy spent more than 24 hours with his friend who died in an accident

The stray dog ​​accompanied his comrade despite the heat and rain.He did not mind being hungry as long as he stayed by his side in Xanxerê (Brazil), while the person responsible for his departure fled.

Now they are looking for someone to adopt him so that he is not alone.

If someone needs good company no matter the circumstances, a puppy is the best option.
They are recognized as the best friends of people and even more animals, being unconditionally faithful.

They commit from the heart to take care of their own even though they are no longer in the world, like a puppy that has become popular on social networks for spending more than 24 hours with his canine friend who died after being run over in Xanxerê, Brazil.

Someone ran over and killed this white puppy in the Jardim Tarumã neighborhood.
“The friend, who gets upset, does not abandon his friend for nothing,” said the woman in the publication.

The puppy of unconditional friendship was by his side for more than a day, he did not mind being hungry or the weather, nothing moved him from the place until he saw the other awaken.

“Knowing that the little animal stayed there under the rain and the sun for more than 24 hours without eating or drinking water.
Waiting for the other to come back to life breaks our souls for those of us who love animals. It’s very sad,” Edilene.

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