Finally the owner found the lost dog. The dog was so happy that her eyes filled with tears.

The loss of a friend is an incredibly difficult and sad event in the life of every person, even if the friend is not a person, but a pet, the grief does not decrease.

This man was looking for his German shepherd for a long time, in which he did not have a soul. He did his best to find his dog. And later it turned out that for a long period of time she wandered to the roads, until the volunteers stumbled upon her and took her to a shelter.

To great joy, before that the shelter staff distributed an announcement about the missing dog on the social networks.

He was noticed by a friend of the owner of the dog and immediately took a day off and went to the address of this shelter.

The meeting showed how much the dog missed its owner and rushed towards him as soon as it heard his voice. Their reunion was incredibly touching and even the shelter workers could not hide their tears.

The shepherd jumped in circles around the owner, wagged her tail and it was clear that she was so happy. There were tears in her eyes. Within a few minutes they were returning home together.

We are glad for the happy ending to this story.

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