Find 3 differences between the two images of this cat in less than 11 seconds.

We are excited to post this new game to find the differences between the two images. This special puzzle requires a lot of concentration to find the solution and be able to solve it, as it features characteristics that require paying attention to small details.

We are confident that you will enjoy this new challenge!

Attention, you must find the answer in less than 11 seconds, it’s your turn to play.

Find the 3 differences between the two images of this cat.

Have you noticed any differences in less than 11 seconds? You should really concentrate, you still have plenty of time. It’s time to answer! There are a total of three disparities between the two images.

Got it? If so, congratulations to you, otherwise, find the answer below to this puzzle.

Answer: Discover the 3 differences

Here is the answer: First, notice the white spot in the right eye of the cat. Secondly, the amount of white in the cat’s tail changes. Finally, there is a darker line on the right wing of the butterfly․

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