Firefighters rescued an emaciated cougar cub.Now he is strong and fattened and looks like a copy of Simba from the cartoon «The Lion King»

Officer of the Fire Service managed to save the cougar cub, which was so exhausted that he could barely stand on his feet from hunger. He was immediately transferred to the wild animal rescue center, where, as a result of appropriate care, the weak cub turned into a handsome predator in just a month.

Rescuers from the American Forest Service in the vicinity of the town of Idyllwild, California, heard a quiet squeak and followed the sound. Very soon they came across a puma cub lying on the road, which was barely moving and desperately calling for its mother.

A firefighter named Joe, along with his assistant Nick, hurried to find a cat carrier.And when they returned, they found a wild kitten in the same place. The men promptly put the cougar into a car and drove to a wildlife center in San Diego.

Veterinarians examined the baby and found that it was a female, and her age was not more than three months. The weight was only four kilos, which was half what was supposed to be at her age.

After a month of proper, dense nutrition and good care, the cougar began to fully growl. Veterinarians considered this the first step towards recovery.

Now the baby weighs ten kilos and looks like a real predator. Outwardly, she is incredibly similar to Simba from the cult cartoon «The Lion King».

As director of the center Christina Barton shared, she is becoming more active every day and, although she still has some health problems, the dynamics are very good and the cougar will return to the wild very quickly.

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