Fluffies miraculously escaped and survived

On a winter morning in February, recycling workers, a few minutes before it was loaded into a special installation, heard a squeak.

Pulling a box out of the trash can and opening it, they saw five newborn kittens.

If they got into the processing machine, they could die. And there are a lot of such cases when kittens were found in garbage cans.Victor, one of the workers delivered kittens to the shelter.

All night experts fought for the lives of the kids. Unfortunately, one of the kittens couldn’t be saved and the other four turned out to be lucky.They miraculously survived.

Soon the kittens opened their eyes, and two weeks later they were playing with each other. Two kittens were taken from the shelter by Viktor, who saved the kids.And good families are looking for the other two. Now fluffies have a future.

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