Fluffy and super cute little bunny born without ears, became the most adorable creature for his owners on earth

This unusual incident took place in Belfast, Ireland.Kylie Clark once was surprised of seeing this unimaginable creature.

He was born without ears, but due to his cuteness and uniqueness and cuteness became the much wanted one from all people around him.

The day the mother rabbit gave birth, Kylie didn’t instantly realize what was wrong with him, because there were other seven newborn tiny and adorable creatures. Besides, their ears almost invisible then.

Only after a couple of weeks, Kylie could reveal the mystery.The woman was sure that this cutie was ill and could not survive.But in her great surprise, the bunny grew up in the same way of others.He was as active as others and he had even better appetite than the other ones.

As Kylie and her kids were adoring this cuteness, they decided to keep him themselves.

They named this charming creature Leo. He became the happiness and the pride of the family.

They also called a veterinarian, who also claimed that Leo was absolutely healthy, and said that the reason he was born without ears was a cause of a generic mutation.

He also said that this was a rare diagnosis, but it was right in that case.The kids believed that that wasn’t a disease.It was a miracle.

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