For a long eight years, the squirrel knocked on people’s doors and …

The squirrel knocked on the family’s door for eight years.And only then did the family realize that the rodent wanted to show them something. We know that sometimes there is an incredible bond between humans and animals.

When years ago this family saved the life of an injured baby squirrel, they released it into the wild and least expected to see it again.

This family rescued a cub from the paws of an owl eight years ago and treated him for a long time.

The family became very attached to this baby, and so he lived in the family until he became completely healthy and was not released. However, Bella, as the squirrel was called, did not want to move too far away from the home of her saviors.

She often comes and visits her family, despite the fact that eight years have passed. She sits on the doorstep, waiting to be seen. And when she has to wait too long, she jumps on the dining room window until she is noticed.

And then, she disappeared for a long time and suddenly returned and it turned out that she was pregnant.So she lived for another 30 days in this family and people were very pleased to see how the baby they saved became a mother.

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