For a whole year he was looking for his cat, but they met only seven years later

We become very attached to our pets, which are, in fact, family members and incredibly worried when something wrong happens to them.

So, eight years ago, Robert was forced to endure a serious life drama. His favorite cat is Chebon, and for this reason the man even postponed his move, as he did not lose hope of finding a pet, and moving from California to Ohio seemed to him untimely without Chebon.

But the search did not lead to anything.And a year later Robert had already lost all hope of finding his cat. Do you think we would write about this story with such a sad ending? Of course no.

One day, a woman found a street cat and took him to the vet. The cat was malnourished, dehydrated and in general the hardships of a wandering life obviously affected him.But in general, the cat was healthy and the scan showed that he was 19 years old, and also, they found the name of the owner.

It turned out to be Chebon. With the help of a microchip, the veterinarians contacted Robert and he did not even believe, thinking that they were definitely mistaken, but he still came to the cattery where the cat was.

When the man entered the room, they opened the box in which the cat was sitting and Robert couldn’t hold back his tears. After a seven-year separation, the owner and beloved cat found each other again.

Purr put his paws on the shoulders of the owner and Robert, and even those present burst into tears.

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