Fox kidnapped their mom. The dog adopted ducklings and took on the role of their father

A Labrador called Freud lives in a real estate. The dog lives at Mountfitchet Castle. During the ten years of his life, this dog never had children of his own. However, he became a father. The dog adopted ducklings and takes care of them.

The dog began to take care of the ducklings after their mother was kidnapped by a fox. The dog treats his paternity with all responsibility. He warms the chicks near his stomach and doesn’t leave the kids a single step, providing them with constant supervision.

And recently, a caring father taught his children to swim. Near the castle there is a moat. There you can dive and cool off on hot days.

Of course, Freud is too big to be called a duck. Nevertheless, the ducklings love their foster father very much.

Ducklings ride on the back of a Labrador and he walks with care so that the crumbs don’t fall from a height. Freud even sleeps with his adopted babies.

Dog owners are proud of their pet. They are sure that Freud is the smartest dog in England. Yes, this is indeed an incredible dog, but we are sure that you have pets that are also different from the rest.

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