Grandfather-cat waited for new foster grandchildren for months. Finally, his dream came true

An elderly cat named Grandpa Mason was so happy to have new wards after a long break.

Mason joined the TinyKittens, a rescue group in Langley, Canada, after spending most of his feline life on the streets. When they found him, he was in a very bad condition. He suffered from terminal kidney disease and fought for his life.

Despite his advanced health problems, the rescuers decided to save the cat. Grandpa Mason was terribly afraid of people and would not let anyone get close. But everything changed when his guardian brought in the first litter of foster kittens.

He began purring and heartily enjoying the company of his tiny brothers. Since then, Grandpa has raised many generations of kittens.

In January of this year, all of his kittens flew away to new families. Mason curled up alone on his small sofa, where he used to spend time in the company of kittens.

Recently, the favorite sofa is used for its intended purpose again. Grandpa Mason and his new grandchildren lie in a big fluffy pile on a tiny bed and relax.

Aura, a special needs kitten born with a cleft palate, can’t resist grandpa’s love.

Grandpa Mason gives mother cats a break from restless kittens. It’s hard not to respect and love this old cat.

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