He can stay malnourished himself but doesn’t forget to feed stray kittens

People who treat animals well have a big and pure heart, no matter how difficult life situations they find themselves in. Today we will tell you about one such person of great kindness.

Long Dum lives in Thailand and regularly feeds stray kittens, spending his meager means on food for fluffies. At the same time, Long himself is homeless and spends the night at the station.

In order to be able to take care of his beloved animals, he sells fruits every day in the scorching heat. There are periods when there is no trade and earnings are either zero or very small.So in which case he buys food only for animals and he himself remains hungry.

The man explains his behavior by the fact that he has no relatives left at all and his dream family is replaced by cats and the head of the family must take responsibility for it.

Once a woman who went to the market saw an inscription on fruit baskets that the proceeds from the sale of limes go to feed the yard cats. She was very upset by this and she talked about this case on social networks.

All those who weren’t indifferent to animals quickly went to help him. Some bought the goods, others helped with food, while others brought the food itself.

He was even taken to a hairdresser to be tidy, and then he went back to the market to sell fruit to provide for his cat family.

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