He lost his leg but continued to fight for his life

Pogo the horse showed an incredible will to live. A few months ago, he was attacked by dogs, but managed to survive. However, after this fight, he was left with very serious injuries.

Caring people noticed the poor pony on the streets and reported him to the animal rights activist Shelly Jones. The woman managed to find the animal and took it to the veterinary center.

In general, the condition of the pony was normal, but in a fight with dogs, Pogo lost a hoof.

This is a very difficult injury for horses, so in most cases such animals are euthanized. But given that Pogo managed to adapt and move on 3 legs, the veterinarians decided to give him a chance at life.

Doctors had to amputate the injured leg. The operation was successful.And a few weeks later a special prosthesis was made for Pogo.

“The horse turned out to be very strong and steadfastly endured all the painful procedures. But that was only the beginning of the journey. Now Pogo had to relearn how to walk on a prosthesis” said the veterinarians.

Pony spent more than two months in a rehabilitation center. During this time, he managed to get used to the prosthesis and learned to move normally.

Shelly, who had been visiting Pogo at the clinic all this time, took the animal to her farm. The woman planned to keep the horse as a pet but soon she had another idea.

The animal rights activist plans to use Pogo as a therapy pet to help sick children.

Now this wonderful horse will set an example for people how to overcome difficulties.

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