Hearing a creak from the garbage can the woman found a moving bag there

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this can actually happen, but human cruelty knows no bounds.

A woman was hurrying and quite by chance passed by a garbage can. She heard a faint squeak and immediately decided to look inside. Of course, it wasn’t very pleasant to rummage through the garbage, but there were still living pets there.

Soon, the woman pulled out two puppies from the trash can which someone put in a bag, tied it up, and only then threw it into the trash. At that time it was very cold outside.So the kids were rescued just in time. If they had stayed in the cold for a couple more hours, something irreparable would have happened.

The savior took the puppies to herself and then began to look for them at home. Soon both kids left for the family of Maria Tkachenko. The girl already has shepherd dogs in the house, but she really wanted to shelter one of them.

For a long time, Masha couldn’t come up with a nickname for the baby. She wanted to name him somehow in a special way, so that the new name would bring him happiness. Now the snow-white puppy’s name is Yuki. Translated from Japanese, it means «snow» or «happiness, luck.»

Now the puppy has a new life and he will go through it with a beautiful name!

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