Her name is not Marina .. The smartest dog wears moccasins and a mask, saving people’s lives

Rescue dogs aren’t uncommon. These brave animals are always ready to help anyone who is in trouble.

The heroine of our story is Frida. She works in the Mexican Navy. Marine, that’s why her uniform says «MARINA»


During her rather short life, Frida saved 52 people from various natural disasters and accidents.

During the earthquake in Oaxaca in Mexico, which occurred in early September of this year, this dog pulled 12 people out of the rubble.

Of course, everyone in Mexico just loves Frida. She even has special glasses and her own shoes.

But her shoes aren’t for showing off walking the streets. Thanks to them, she can walk on destroyed surfaces without fear of damaging her paws.

Even the President of Mexico admires Frida!

“Frida of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) has saved 52 lives in various national and international disasters!” tweeted Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto .

Once again, we admire the heroism of dogs and remember the old saying: «A dog is a man’s best friend.»

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