Homeless cat returns to find her kittens, who were taken to a shelter

These four kittens were sent to a shelter without their mother cat. However, she returned in search of her cubs.

The kittens and their mother were found in someone’s yard, but the mother cat immediately broke free and disappeared.

Ashley, a volunteer at the shelter, immediately started feed them at night.

“The kittens were clearly well cared for by their mother cat. When orphaned kittens enter a shelter, they rarely see their mother again,” explained the co-founder of the shelter. “Another good argument is to leave kittens where they are found (and wait for their mother), and not give them to a shelter.”

Volunteers were already preparing to lift these crumbs themselves, but suddenly something happened that they couldn’t have expected.

The volunteers who took the kittens returned to the place and found that the mother cat was looking for her babies. The next day, the mother cat was reunited with her kittens in a foster family.

At first the cat was incredibly shy and didn’t want to get out of the carry until one of her kittens was shown to her.Then she calmed down and immediately left. She approached her cubs and began to purr and they begged her for milk.

The cat was happy, feeding and caring for her kittens.The whole day she cuddled and purred happily. While the babies are with their mother and when they grow up and get stronger, caring families will find them.

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