Huge gorilla Bobo and tiny animal Kid become best friends

Meet the giant gorilla Bobo and his best friend, a very tiny animal, Baby. Their friendship amazed everyone and they turned into best friends and even became internet celebrities. It all started with the fact that one of the Internet sites posted the story of a wonderful friendship along with pictures and videos.

The story became unexpectedly very popular for everyone and users all over the social network began to share it on their personal pages very quickly. And it turned out to be extremely powerful.

People get really excited to see how Bobo works out with his little buddy and how they are inseparable throughout the day.

An interesting couple lives in a reserve in Africa which is a non-profit organization.

Employees admit that during all this time the monkeys surprise him with their behavior and habits. They are very friendly, able to become attached to both people and other animal species. And

Bobo’s incredibly sweet friendship with this little animal became one of the proofs of the wonderful character, but very gentle souls of gorillas.

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