Human Gratitude! Residents erected a monument to the search dog

Her name was Brittany.

A golden retriever who was the last surviving search dog among those working in the 2001 New York attacks. Constantly smiling, kind and bright life-savior.

Brittany also worked as a search engine during hurricanes Katrina, Rita in 2005 and other devastating disasters in the United States, along with her constant partner, Denis Corliss.

In 2016, Brittany died peacefully of old age, a little short of her 17th birthday. It was a big blow for Denis, who taught her herself and worked with her for over 10 years.

In 2017, friends of Brittany and simply grateful residents of Texas decided to erect a monument to the dog in the suburbs of Houston, near the site where the dog served.

Symbolically, 2 weeks before the opening date of the monument, a powerful hurricane Harvey hit Houston. If Brittany were alive, it would be looking for missing people with might and main.

In the meantime, her memory is immortalized by a beautiful monument, where she is depicted in the prime of her life.

By the way, in the last months of his life, the dog helped children with disabilities at Roberts Road School. Thanks to her presence, the children calmed down and practiced by reading aloud to her.

An amazing creature that grateful people will remember for a long time!

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