Hungry kitten finds happiness again after being abandoned on a crowded street

Oreo is a playful cat who lives in a safe place, surrounded by love and care. Even now it is hard to imagine that he was once a starving stray kitten, wandering the streets in search of food. He tried to sneak into the nearest stores for food, however, he was driven away from everywhere and rejected. There were many people on the street, but no one seemed to notice the baby. However, a kind passer-by decided to feed him.

When he was fed, Oreo swallowed food so greedily, as if he had not eaten anything for several days. The food calmed and relaxed him. The man was very touched by the scene when the hungry Oreo, already almost exhausted, crawled up to him and begged for food.

The cat was too adorable to be left to survive on the street and turn his every day into a struggle for existence. He was sent to an overexposure, where there were many other pets.

This place was a real refuge for disadvantaged pets. Oreo did not know that this was a new beginning for his life. He lived in a cozy house, enjoying his warm cage and playing with other furry brothers.

Oreo is a very outgoing cat and makes friends quickly. One of his best friends is Lara, who lives in a nearby enclosure. They often communicate with each other while staying in their cages.

A few days later, the lifeguard took him to the vet for examination. The examination showed that he is quite healthy. Currently, he lives happily in an orphanage and the staff are looking for a permanent home for him.

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