Husky dog was playing with a small child ․ At 0:16 the dog couldn’t stand it anymore

Everyone knows about husky dogs.

Fortunately, these dogs have an incredibly kind soul, they are ready to give everything for their owner’s happiness or family. This breed of dog, which is very similar to the wolf, is considered one of the oldest breeds.

Nowadays, dogs of this breed «Siberian spike» are used not only for pulling sleds in the snow, but also in various shows, so it is very popular. Thanks to their incredible hunting qualities, these dogs can serve as a good friend and family member.

For example, you can safely leave your child with a husky. The child will always be surrounded by care, he will feel protected. Recently, the hero of the video was recruited in the family of a husky dog. The little miracle baby was something new for the dog.

The child, in turn, played with the dog with great interest every day, constantly distracting his attention. At first the dog didn’t pay attention to all that, but then, not being able to bear it, he was taken prisoner by the childish tenderness. This is a must see.

Watch the video yourself.

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