Husky rescued a newborn baby abandoned by her mother

Husky, who lives in the British city of Birmingham, has committed such a heroic deed that its residents insist on awarding the animal a medal for courage. What happened and what did our heroine do?

The owner walked daily with his pet through the local park. Most often, she did not go far from the owner, however, on this day she ran to the bushes nearby and did not return for a long time. The owner went to look for her and saw that next to the dog lies a lump wrapped in a blanket.

As the man got closer, he saw a child in the bushes. It turned out that this is a newborn, which his own mother left in the bushes.
The man quickly called an ambulance and the baby was taken to the hospital. Now nothing threatens the life and health of the child, he had only severe dehydration.

Then the police started searching for the mother and quickly found her. It was a very young sixteen-year-old girl.

The townspeople are proud of the dog and every time they meet it with solemnity, because it saved a small human life. Let’s agree that the dog really deserved a medal. This story once again proved that in animals the maternal instinct is often more developed than in humans.

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