Husky sisters were abandoned with their toys at a dog park along with a heartbreaking note

A couple of huskies wandered wildly in the dog park, where there were usually well-groomed dogs with their owners, but not in this case. The park manager, Mona Ahmed, was called and told that the dogs had been walking for several days, but their owner was nowhere to be seen.

The dogs had toys and a note with touching content.

“Jada (black) and Layla (brown) are our names,” the note said. “We are a pair of adorable one year old puppies. Please don’t separate us. Without Jada, Layla becomes scared.”

There were people who said that they witnessed how the woman left the husky and said that she was going to the car and return, but she disappeared.

Mona felt very sorry for Jad and Layla, but she felt relieved that she had been warned. If the dogs were left overnight in the park, they could get hurt. They could jump over the fence and be under the wheels, as the track is busy there.

They found a foster home for Jada and Leila.And they will start looking for a permanent family only after they are sterilized and receive all vaccinations, and they will also need to be microchipped.

Since the mistress of their temporary home has already fallen in love with them and is very attached, it is possible that they are already attached and there will be no need to look for a home for these animals further. In any case, we very much hope so.

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