“I really wanted to say these words to her and take her in my arms” Anastasia Zadorozhnaya adopted a small dog from the shelter

Anastasia Zadorozhnaya,singer and actress, has always dreamed of having a pet. And recently the girl’s dream came true.Finally Anastasia decided to take a responsible step and a dog appeared in her house.

The girl decided not to buy a thoroughbred pet. She went to one of the Moscow region shelters for homeless animals and chose a small dog for herself. The choice of the singer fell on a black and white girl a few months old.

As soon as Anastasia approached the enclosure where the baby lived she immediately began to joyfully jump. At that moment the singer realized that this was exactly the dog that she so dreamed of.

“I was really looking forward to today. I really wanted to say these words to her and take them into my arms. And I had no idea how much she was waiting for me”,– shared the girl.

Immediately after the shelter Anastasia took her pet to a beauty salon for dogs. After that the dog completely changed and turned into a real beauty.

The singer said that the pet eats well and is exploring the new home with curiosity.

Until Anastasia came up with a name for the dog. She turned to her followers on Instagram asking for help in choosing.

It is gratifying that another shelter animal has found a home and a caring owner.

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