If you have a good memory, spot the correct logo in this image in less than 7 seconds.

Observation Test: In this challenge, try to spot the correct Google logo. Can you find it in 7 seconds? It’s not guaranteed, but you can do it!

If you enjoy solving entertaining puzzles and games, then this puzzle is for you because this test will put your memory to the test!

Puzzles provide an opportunity to explore your creativity while uniquely stimulating your brain. These games turn a simple puzzle into a captivating experience by introducing a time constraint.

Discovering the answer often requires unconventional thinking and approaching the challenge from a different angle.

But today, we present to you an interesting puzzle where you need to identify the correct logo in the image. Even though you may have seen it many times, it can be difficult to spot.

Do you want to test your memory?

Find out!

In the image above, you can see 4 Google logos.

However, only one of these logos is correct.

To find it, carefully observe the image before answering and rely on your memory.

Note that the answers to this puzzle are provided just below the question, so make sure not to scroll too far to avoid cheating!


If you still haven’t found it, here is the answer.

Solution to the puzzle: In this challenge, you need to identify the correct logo among the four options.

Now, take another close look at the image and try to identify the one that seems correct to you.

Did you find the right one?

If you want to stop searching, here is the answer:

Such types of puzzles do not require any special skills but are simply a memory test. However, it feels good to find the answer quickly.

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