In America, twice as many tigers live in homes than in the wild…

A US institute recently announced that there are 2,000 more tigers in US homes and private zoos than in their natural habitat.

Scientists at the Association for the Protection of the Rights of Wild Animals found that there are up to 7 thousand domestic tigers in the country, but in nature there are 4 thousand of them, no more.

But what reasons influenced such statistics, and how can specialists find out information about the presence of a domestic tiger in a person if he himself does not advertise this fact?

As they share, only people with great financial resources can keep a tiger at home. They serve as a kind of luxury and status display, an expensive living toy.

Many people buy a tiger for a private zoo and they become an object of earning money. Often the owners buy a small tiger cub, which incredibly touched them, but they are no longer able to take care of an adult tiger.

Scientists claim that cats raised in captivity are inferior in all respects to their wild compatriots.They are already losing the ability to survive in their natural habitat.

And seven thousand endangered predators still live with people.But not all states legalize an animal at the legislative level and even if the law exists somewhere, negligent owners ignore the law.

We can also add to these 7,000 tiger cubs that breeders sell but don’t always register sales, and organizations are calling for tougher laws to control predator conditions.

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