In Estonia, a puppy was drowning in a cold river but pulling him out of the water, people saw who he really was

Recently, workers at a dam on the Estonian Pärnu River discovered that some kind of creature was floundering in the water, which at that time was already icy. At first they thought it was a dog that ended up on the dam in some unknown way and needed very quick help.

Thanks to joint efforts, people managed to get to the place where the dog was and drag the unfortunate woman ashore. The animal was soaked through and stiff from the cold. He was wrapped up warmly and taken to the nearest veterinary clinic.

On the way, the dog was very calm and completely trusted his rescuers.And it was for this reason that the large size of the animal didn’t frighten the workers. One of the rescuers drew attention to its too large paws and for a moment doubted the species of the creature they had saved.

However, he quickly drove away these guesses, as the dog still lay very calmly at his feet and didn’t react at all to people. Veterinarians also did not note anything suspicious in the animal. And the truth was discovered when a hunter came into the clinic, who proved to everyone that they had saved and brought here not a dog at all, but a wolf.

It was a very young, one-year-old wolf, which, fortunately, didn’t have time to get hurt in the icy water. The country’s Animal Welfare Union attributed the beast’s passive behavior to its low blood pressure caused by exhaustion.

Veterinarians examined the wolf, put a special GPS collar on it and released it into the wild. An employee of the union thanked the workers for the fact that they managed to save the wolf.

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